The Smallest 6-axis Desktop Robotic Arm

Compact, easy-to-use, and open-sourced. You can use Mirobot to do the robotics coding, artistic creation, vision recognizing, doodling, painting, writing, and more.

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Build Your Own Production Line

Designed for makers, robot enthusiasts, engineers, and students. Everybody can program Mirobot to bring your ideas to life or build the mini production line on your desk.

See and Think

Combining with OpenMV and computer vision code, Mirobot can see and think. You can use it to build a mini production line on your desk or simulate an industrial environment. 

Compact, Flexible and Precise

The 6-axis design allows Mirobot to rotate freely on the vertical axes and complete the task precisely. It's optimal for the complex motion.


For beginners, you can control Mirobot with our software, APP, by remote controller or teaching. For experts, you can freely reprogram Mirobot for different tasks.

Miniature of Industrial Robot

Inspired by ABB industrial robot IRB 6700, we made robotic arm accessible for everyone.

More Cool Features

Miniature of ABB IRB6700 Industrial Robot | Multiple End Effectors


  • Dimension: 280x115x280mm
  • Payload: 100g
  • Reach/Height: 335/428mm
  • Axis: 6
  • Communication: UART/Bluetooth
  • Repeatability: 0.2mm
  • Control: Software/APP/Remote Controller

Multiple End Effectors

The robotic arm features a wide range of different swappable end effectors, including a pen holder, soft gripper, suction cup, and more.

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